At another time

I guess you had to be there….


1 – The Hufflers, Dartford to Northfleet railway station 

Distance: 15km

Steps: 29,411

First day test with full load pack.

The journey embarks from this Dartford boozer. A live music venue, once managed by a peculiar fellow known as ‘Ginger’, Rane installed a microphone PA system here in 1988. It’s long gone.

Hundreds of sea birds feast on the effluent pumped out from Long Reach sewage works.

Sneezie, tharn,  having spied a dirty polar bear hiding in the bushes outside Littlebrook power station.

Half a Def Man on the gate of Littlebrook power station.

Hopalong Dragfoot takes tucker in the lee of the Dartford Bridge.

At 190 metres metres, these are the tallest electricity pylons in the UK. Ideal for base jumping.

Whilst escaping from the Lower Mordor Industrial Estate, we stumbled upon this crumbling derelict spiral staircase which lead to the tranquility of London Road.

Journey’s end for today.