Where am I?

Rude of me not to have written (blogged?) sooner. I have almost forgotten how this WordPress blog site works.

I reached Beer in East Devon last September and travelled home to change my socks,

jurassic coaster

via Weymouth (X53 bus) and train to London. Weymouth railway station was still guarded by those tattooed men and their dogs. I had intended to return a week or so later and continue walking west, perhaps as far as Land’s End before the days got too short and the nights too cold for sleeping out.

A few days later I went to Cotswold Outdoors to buy some kit and whilst there treated myself to a Harvey national trail map.


To date I have only ever used Ordnance Survey but this tough polyethylene map seemed to cover my planned route all the way to Plymouth and is jam packed with useful information so I thought I’d give it a try. But…

  1. It’s 1:50,000 scale. Cycling scale rather than walking. I could live with this I suppose.
  2. Mr Harvey assumes the reader is following the coast path in an easterly direction. I’m westbound, so I have to read everything backwards.
  3. The useful notes point out that there are a number of ferries (crossing estuaries) coming up in the next leg of the walk. Critically, some of these services shut down in September and reopen again in March/April.

Wimp that I am, I decided to rest a while and set out again in March.

We did the PA for Grill & Chill

I caught a perch. Biggest perch I have ever seen. But the pike stole him from me.


Christmas has been and gone with a new pair of CDJs and far too many mince pies.

Ruth Livingstone won ‘Outdoor Blog of the Year’.

Steffi owned up to a penchant for a full English Breakfast.

I’ve been to the gym (almost) every day since New Year

Yesterday I bought my ticket back to Beer. Well, Axminster actually. Then it’s the good old X53 bus again to Beer village. 09:25 am Sunday 20th March and I’ll be back on the trail.

I plan to have a bit of a do for my 50th birthday on 12th/13th March


A week to tidy up the inevitable debris, then a clear focus on Sebastian’s Swagger for 2016. Only 700 miles to go!