82 – Gillan Creek to Coverack

Distance: 13km

Steps: 25,760

We stayed last night in a permanently sited Rialto caravan, guests of Susie & Ian. Such nice people. Sorted us out good and proper šŸ˜Š. 

Gillan Creek is a rare and special place. It’s on the coast path, so is known to a handful of walkers but is at the end of a long narrow lane and has no car park. Pretty much, unless you own/rent one of the few properties, you won’t be going there. 

The path rises up steep steps from the beach at Gillan then goes 2km east to the former coastguard lookout at Nare Point. 

This is still fully functional though nowadays operated by volunteers. 

We invited ourselves in and took the guided tour. 

Another 2km south from here and we reached Porthallow, where resides John’s (amazingly accurate) weather stone. 

We lunched at the renowned Fat Apples cafĆ© in St Keverne, closely attended by a dog, a chicken and a robin. 

And then on, via Roskilly’s ice cream farm

To Coverack youth hostel, our accommodation for the night. 

Coverack is still very much a commercial harbour. Full of working fishing boats, not yachts. 


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