83 – Coverack to Lizard 

Distance: 16km

Steps: 32,219

At Coverack we were faced with a dilemma right from the off. Whether to follow the cliff top path (“rocky underfoot “) or the inland route (“many steps”). 

We plumped for the cliff top path. 

Think very carefully if you ever have to make this choice!

Initially the path is broad and even, stony underfoot. Pleasant walking. Then, at Chynhalls  Point, 1km from Coverack, everything changed. 

This section is known as Chynhalls Cliffs. The path switchbacks up and down and is made up mostly of rocks embedded in the near vertical hillside. The ‘rocks underfoot ‘ vary in size from loaves of bread to small family cars. 

This terrain slowed us down considerably and continued as far as the lookout station at Black Head. 

From here the path meanders along the cliff top through Beagles Point to Downas Valley. Here it dives down to sea level and back up again viciously. Then nice walking again to Carrick Lüz. 

Lunch was at Kennack Beach, then back on the trail through Poltesco to Cadgwith and a swift half in the New Inn. Cadgwith is working fishing port. 

Approaching Lizard you can see the magnificent fog horns on the lighthouse 

Our final destination and accommodation for the night  was Lizard youth hostel 


One thought on “83 – Coverack to Lizard 

  1. Loving all the information & photos & what you are doing , and all with a sense of humour too ! Keep it up, you never know we may be there to see you at the end 😉 Deb& Paulxx


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