85 – Porthleven to Kenneggy

Distance: 12km

Steps: 24,555

We stayed last night on a little campsite just next to Porthleven AFC’s stadium 

They have a fine bar but Jezabel and I shared a bottle of wine and opted for an early night šŸ˜˜ in the basher. 

We were up with the dawn chorus and by 7:00am, on our way back to the coast path. 

 Porthleven is still asleep at that hour but we found the path and soon we were at Parc Trammel Cove, where we saw a school of dolphins 

and some abandoned tin mines 

On the trail we met the mutton antipodean dude and his cohort Manuella. They recommended the Praa Sands beach bar, so we hastened there. I snapped this wonky pillbox along the way

The beach bar at Praa lived up to expectations. The staff there are excellent. It took over three hours to fully address the effects of dehydration but at 4:30pm we left the bar. 

We walked the cliff top path to Kenneggy campsite and here we will stay tonight. Kenneggy campsite is really spick & span with sparkling facilities. There’s a pub nearby, the Falmouth Packet that does excellent grub. 

Three days to Land’s End!


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