97 – Mawgan Porth to Treyarnon Bay

Distance: 10km

Steps: 15,267

We had scrummy egg rolls for breakfast then departed the down-at-heel campsite at 11:00am. Sherpa Jezabel set off to find Treyarnon whilst I traipsed over the soft dry sand of Mawgan Porth beach in search of the coast path.

About 200 metres beyond the RNLI lifeguard hut, a set of concrete steps rise up to cliff top level of about 85 metres elevation above T Bay. The path then stays up top for the next 4 km. It then descends to a wooden footbridge over a small stream at beach level. A track leads to Pentire Farm. Here the fashionable pastime seems to be to balance stones on top of one another.

I managed seven but there were several examples of eleven and one pile of thirteen!

Around the next headland lies Porthcathow Bay (very nice little shop), where I witnessed the lifeguard rescue a lady, she having been cut off by the rising tide.

Jezabel met me on the cliff top above here and we walked together to our campsite at Treyarnon Bay


96 – Newquay to Mawgan Porth 

Distance: 8km

Steps: 13,293

Jezabel kindly dropped me off to start from Newquay railway station. We spent a couple of days in Bude with Michele and Derek on the way down and picnicked at Bucks Mills. 

It was nice to walk out of Newquay this time, having previously left there twice by train!
Today has been the hottest day of the year with temperatures above 30 degrees. A bit too hot for hiking but a breeze off the sea and a wide brimmed hat made it just right 😁

I walked above Tolcarne Beach, still in the town really and came upon this interesting sign 

A canal on an incline?

The coast path follows the cliff top to Watergate Bay where I had a posh pint in the Watergate Bay Hotel (sorry Chris but I couldn’t find the Phoenix). 

Along the way I was privileged to see and hear many Corn Buntings which nest in the long grasses adjacent to the Coast Path. 

I ate a sweaty lump of Mottaret Cheddar as an afternoon snack and strode out for Mawgan Porth and met Jezabel halfway there. We camped on a down at heel campsite in Mawgan Porth.